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    Why is it always the guys who you dont have real feelings for enough to date are the ones who are everything you wanted in a boyfriend. But the guys who you are in love with and are dating are the ones who dont have all the traits you wanted in a boyfriend.


 i know* not think anymore 



If you say you don’t need this on your blog, you are lying.

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'Release me; for I must fly’



You know what I love about this picture? Nani’s tummy. Seriously.
This is a cartoon, they could easily draw this character with a “perfect” body. But they didn’t. She could have a teeny tiny waistline, but they chose to represent a different body type that you almost never see in animation.
Not only is she not super thin, Nani isn’t fat either. People forget that there is a middle to that spectrum. Even though she doesn’t look like a supermodel, Nani is still healthy and beautiful. 
I love that even though Nani doesn’t have a model’s figure, she is wearing shorts and a crop top. And she’s rocking it. She’s not self conscious about her looks. She’s showing her stomach even if it isn’t flat. I just love it.

You know what I love about this picture?
Stitch wearing a bra on his head.

There really should be more characters like that
    I’m used to it The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)

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